Medical Social Work

Medical Social Work

Making Sure Your Needs Are Met with Medical Social Work

VNA Home Health understands the additional challenges you face. If you feel stress and uncertainty with regard to social, economic or emotional factors related to your illness, injury or plan of care, our medical social workers can help.

It’s all part of VNA’s multidisciplinary approach and our commitment to comprehensive home health care. Our medical social work program includes the following services:

  • Assessments of your social, economic and emotional needs relating to your overall medical plan
  • Education and access to community resources for you and your loved ones
  • Assessment of any additional solutions you may need, such as home health or community services
  • Assistance with your transfer to a more appropriate home setting if needed (for example, to an apartment, retirement center, residential care facility or nursing home)
  • Assistance with planning and decision-making assistance in various situations related to your illness, injury or overall medical plan
  • Patient and family counseling, including adjustment and management of your condition
  • Intervention in situations of potential abuse or neglect

To find out if you qualify for medical social work from VNA Home Health, please read our home health qualification guidelines.

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