Individual/Self -Pay

Individual/Self -Pay

Individual Payments for Your Home Health Services

There may be times when home health care is not covered by third party payers, and you or loved ones pay out-of-pocket instead. Typically this occurs under one or more of the following circumstances:

  • Patient benefits are exhausted
  • Insurance plan no longer covers the necessary home health services
  • Patient no longer qualifies for federal or state financial assistance
  • Patient no longer meets the payer’s criteria to receive home health care

Whatever the reason, sometimes patients and their families must pay for home health services privately (out-of-pocket); for some others, private individual pay is preferred. By avoiding care limitations imposed by government programs and private insurance plans, individual pay enables more flexibility in the type, duration and amount of services provided for the patient.

Individuals who pay privately out-of-pocket may purchase home health services from Visiting Nurse Association (VNA Home Health) by the visit. Call 816-531-1200 for more information.

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