TeleHealth Home Monitor

TeleHealth Home Monitor

Increase Your Independence with a VNA Home Health TeleHealth Home Monitoring System

Do you need home health but want more involvement in managing your own health care? If so, VNA Home Health can help. Our TeleHealth home monitoring system offers the independence, security and convenience you’re looking for.

Every day, this easy-to-use device tracks your vitals—including blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation and weight—and asks questions relevant to your condition. Your results are sent in real time to a registered nurse at our VNA central station for evaluation.

If we detect any potential problems, a VNA Home Health nurse intervenes by contacting you. We also call you or your emergency contacts if you do not check in to your TeleHealth home monitor for the day. We send your results to your physician for review in conjunction with scheduled physician appointments, or if there are significant changes in your vitals and/or symptoms. Your doctor will contact VNA Home Health directly to make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan.

With a VNA TeleHealth home monitoring system, you can rest easy knowing VNA’s highly skilled health care team is monitoring your health status closely. You’ll also find it easier to comply with your doctor’s orders and reduce or eliminate unnecessary trips outside the home for medical care.

To find out if you qualify for a VNA Home Health TeleHealth Home Monitor, please read our home health qualification guidelines.

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